Hipstamatic, a set on Flickr.


SD Zoo, a set on Flickr.

The pinktures I took of the aminals and stuff and junk.

It’s Hulk Hogan, brother!

My current status: Drunk.

I was wrong. THIS is the raddest part.


Anonymous asked:

What do you think is the best age in life to be and why.


I loved being a kid. You didn’t have to worry about anything except what you were going to play next. So far, I like my 30’s more than I did my 20’s. I like right now. Yup. That’s my answer. Ask me again tomorrow, I’ll change my mind.

The good news is that my new knife is super sharp. But thats also the bad news.

I’m satisfied.

It is waaay to early in the week for this shit.


Anonymous asked:

If I was to clone myself, then have sex with myself, would that
A/make me gay
B/ put me on the cutting edge of masturbation technology

I don’t know. Is your cloned self okay with it?